It was a great deal of success and pleasure to develop connections and interact with our current and future buyers at Road Traffic Expo held in KINTEX, Ilsan, S.Korea.

Our new products such as Engineer Grade Products and all by-products of reflective material were highlighted at the expo and a number of visitors from different arrays of the industry showed a great amount of interest. At the expo, we were able to point out the fact that a number of visitors' common gripe of Chinese origin products was the instability of quality.

Everlite Daegeon staffs responded well to the addressed issues of Chinese products by comparing Everlite Daegeon's Korean made products.

Furthermore, staffs emphasize the easiness of quality feedback and the ability to accommodate the customer's needs all coming from the fact that it's Korean made.

Our 20 years of specialization in reflective material attracted buyers, and the outcome developed new ideas to forwardly R&D novelty products​.

Everlite Daegeon Co. promises to always develop and strive to be the leading company in the industry. Our calendar is full of future conventions and expo, we wish to see you in our next showcase.