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Daegeon Company

Daegeon Company is a leading manufacturer in micro-prismatic reflective products. We produce reflective sheets, reflective films etc, and supply for various safety products, clothing shoes, bags and the like.

As the demand for safety products rises with the surge of nighttime population and safety awareness, reflective sheets that can be applied to various road traffic signs as well as reflective fabrics and reflective powders that can pursue fashion and safety together are becoming important.

We supply to global brands such as Nike and Adidas thanks to our high quality products with reasonable prices. Recently, we have been attracting attention by applying reflective products to travel bags.

Henceforth, we will continue to strive for the best in the world through constant R&D and international marketing.

Why choose us

We strive to be the best

Advanced Technology

With our own patent on micro-prismatic reflection,
We produce high quality reflective products
with high brightness and excellent durability.

Reasonable Price

Highly optimized production and advanced technology
With streamlined distribution stages
, Enables us to build the most reasonable price system for the consumer.


With experience in producing various reflective products
And constant R&D and innovation,
We respond flexibly to customers needs.

Reliable Customer Service

Through continued customer service,
We identify customers needs fast and
Reflect them in future products to pursue differentiated customer service.

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